Pre-school/Nursery Admission

St. Peter’s Nursery 

St Peter’s is a village school with small year groups that provide fun, exciting and practical experiences for all.

We offer a complete package of Wrap-Around Care for children from 3 years old.

All nursery children will qualify for 15 hours free childcare each week! currently Monday to Friday 09:00 – 12:00

We are also able to offer Wrap Around Care from 12.00 to 3.15pm for pre-schoolers as well as breakfast club and after school club, giving you the option to choose childcare from 7:30am through to 6pm.

At St Peter’s Nursery we work with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which sets out six areas of learning. These are:-

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Problem silvingm reasoning and numbers
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Each of these areas has a set of stepping stones that progress towards the Early Learning Goals, for which the caring and experienced staff coordinate exciting activities to meet the needs of each child. Learning is encouraged through play and includes adult focus and child initiated activities to involve each area.The ‘EYFS’ has an enclosed outdoor area where the children have access to a variety of play equipment, role play gardening and a quiet area. This space is valued and enjoyed by staff and children and is accessed throughout the day.

Nursery Admissions Policy

The Nursery is controlled by the Local Authority (LA) who determine

Admissions on the basis of chronological order as follows: –

  1. Pupils living in the county of Staffordshire.
  2. Pupils living outside the county of Staffordshire.

In accordance with Government guidelines, children will be admitted part-time in September of the academic year in which the child becomes three.

Oversubscription Criteria for Nurseries

If the number of applications for admission to a nursery school or a nursery unit in a primary school exceeds the number of available places, the following order of priority will be used to allocate places:

a)     Children who have a statement of special educational needs that names a nursery school or nursery unit in a primary school will be admitted to that nursery.  For specialist nursery centres this could be from the age of two years six months.

b)    Children living within the defined catchment area of the school.  They will sometimes, but not always, correspond to current catchment areas for the schools.

c)     Pupils who at the time of application have an elder brother or sister in attendance at the school and who will be attending the school at the time of the proposed admission date.

d)    Pupils who satisfy both of the following tests:

Test 1:  they are distinguished from the great majority of other applicants either on medical grounds or by exceptional circumstances.  Medical grounds must be supported by a medical report (obtained by the parents).  It must clearly justify, for health reasons only, why it is better for the child to attend the preferred nursery rather than any other nursery.

Exceptional circumstances must relate to the choice of nursery,  i.e. the circumstances of the child, or the specific economic or social circumstances of the parent, and be supported by a professional report, e.g. social worker, justifying why it is better for the child to attend the preferred nursery rather than any other nursery.

Test 2:  they would suffer hardship if they were unable to attend nursery.

e)     Other pupils arranged in order of priority according to how near their home addresses are to the school by the shortest walking route as measured by the Geographical Information System.

Looked after children who fall into categories (b) to (e) will be given the top priority for places within those categories.

Admission Arrangements and Visits

Application for Nursery places is through the Staffordshire County Council website If you cannot access the website, a paper form is available from the school office. Parents are welcome to visit the school by prior arrangement with the school.